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Recon 550R Digital NV Cameras


Recon Digital Night Vision

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Product Description

The Recon 550R is one of the most compact and ergonomic digital night vision devices available in the market. The Recon 550R features high light gathering capacity (F/d = 1.0). Combined with large magnification, this ensures one of the best viewing distances among budget NV devices.

Model Recon 550R is equipped with an integrated video recorder to capture image observed and a jack to couple with external sources. The jack functions in video out mode. Video out mode allows video recording without use of adaptors and camcorders or cameras.

The Motion function is realized in Recon 550R and 325R models. This function automatically launches recording as soon as a moving object appears in the field of view of device (the unit saves a 5-second long fragment before an object appears and a 5-second long fragment after the object disappears).

The built-in IR illuminator (805 nm wavelength is optimal for night vision) permits the device to operate in complete darkness. Optionally you may use with the Recon 550R additional, more powerful infrared illuminators including “invisible” version (940nm). The Recon 550R has a specially design mount combining Weaver and 1/4 inch standards to affix various accessories. The Recon 550R has four working modes of the display – black and white, green (regular color for NV), red (reduces eye strain) and enhanced contrast mode.


– Generation: Digital
– Magnification: 4x
– Lens diameter: 50mm
– Maximum detection range: 250m
– Eye Relief: 12mm
– Field of view: 5.5 Degree
– Diopter Adjustment: ±5 Diopter
– Resolution, lines per mm, min: 40
– Power Supply: 6V (4 x AA)
– Operation time (without/with IR): 5.5/4.5 Hour
– Video Output Signal Standard: CCIR/EIA
– Camera resolution, pixel (CCIR / EIA): 500×582/510×492
– Type of CCD sensor: CCIR/EIA: Sony ICX-255AL, 1/3″ / SONY ICX-254AL, 1/3″
– Minimum/Maximum working illuminance(f1.2, S/N 20dB): 0.005/30000 lux
– Tripod mount: 1/4″

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