1506 - Predator Scent Stick

Predator Package (1 Rabbit & 1 Coyote)


Predator Scent Stick

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Product Description

Predator Scents enhances predator hunting or can ALSO be used for creating a barrier to keep unwanted animals away!

Powerful combination of Coyote Scent & Rabbit Scent in the weather resistant stick formula!

Cover human odor with the Coyote Scent Stick by applying in and around hunting area.

Use the Rabbit Scent Stick to create the smell of prey to lure in a predator. Works great in conjunction with a rabbit distress call.

Predator Barrier – Coyote Scent Stick is great for creating a barrier around landscapes, out-buildings,factories and warehouses to keep away unwanted animals.

– 2.5 oz Stick

Additional Information

Weight 0.6 lbs
Dimensions 8 x 8 x 1 in

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